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Finding memory leaks the quick and easy way...

...with the power of FindLeak

FindLeak is a Windows development tool for searching memory leaks. It has already been used with great success in several large scale system software development projects. FindLeak includes the know-how and experience of many years of error tracing and debugging on different Win32 platforms.

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FindLeak Main Window


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September 2009 English version V5 available for download


How FindLeak works

Once FindLeak is active, it latches onto each starting process with the help of a so called Spy DLL. Each process monitored by the Spy DLL will be displayed within the FindLeak main window, showing all it's momentarily used resources.

The table below depicts the different types of resources for which FindLeak keeps track of allocations and releases:

  Resource type:

Functions for allocation and and release of BSTR in Oleaut32.dll
SafeArray Functions for allocation and release of Safearrays in Oleaut32.dll
Memory The malloc, calloc, realloc und free - functions in MSVCRT.dll and in MSVCRTD.dll as well as the GlobalAlloc and GlobalFree functions in Kernel32.dll
Event CreateEvent and CloseHandle functions in Kernel32.dll

Functions for the creation and the release of GDI objects (except bitmaps) in the GDI32.dll
Heap HeapAlloc and HeapFree

Each resource allocating function call (see table above) produces an entry in FindLeak. The entry will be removed upon release of the respective resource.


System requirements:
Computer: A Pentium processor-based PC or compatible computer
Operating systems: Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
RAM: At least 128 MB of RAM


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